Consultancy Services
As Canik Academy, we provide the following consultancy services below:
Military and Tactical Advising for Media Industry

Within the scope of this consultancy service, it is aimed to gain the fictional technical knowledge and skills that may be necessary for the media professionals working in the film, TV series and advertising industry. Within the program, professional actors/actresses; learn the weapon use and shooting methods required for the realistic execution of the scenarios. Thus, it contributes to the commercial success of the productions, by making action movies more realistic.

R&D Product Testing and Consulting Services

CANiK Academy has the knowledge and insight to meet the demanding needs of high-risk professionals tested and relied upon in the hardest field conditions. It determines the field&operator standards and test processes required for the field analysis of the developed products and carries out the technical documentation processes.


As CANiK Academy, we provide trainings based on your personal and private needs with special on-site training.

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