Director of Canik Academy

Joining Turkish Naval Forces in 1996, İsmail DUT had served as Navy Special Operations Force since 1999. For more than 24 years in active duty, he has joined the special operations in Lebanon, Libya, Kosovo, Albania, and Gulf of Aden. He became the instructor in 2007 and received the master chief instructor in 2015 at Navy Special Forces. Throughout years in active duty, he had received two times Outstanding Achievement service ribbon and several medals.

Gaining his bachelor’s degree in Sport Science at İstanbul University in 2010, İsmail DUT completed his master’s degree in Exercise and Training Science at Marmara University. Since 2018, he has been carrying out several research for improvement on military and law enforcement athletic performance throughout his doctorate at İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Movement and Training Science. Since 2021, he has been working as the director of Canik Academy. His specialties include tactical shooting, tactical fitness, athletic performance, and close combat.


Master Instructor, Tactical Operator Program

Joining the Turkish Naval Forces in 2001, Gençay GENÇER had served in the Tur Navy Special Operations Force Unit (SAT) since 2003. For more than 18 years in his active duty, he had been more than 40 countries and has joined the special operations, joint exercises and active duties in Israel, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Beginning his instructor career in 2013 at the Turkish Navy Special Warfare Command (SAT) Training Center, he had provided tactical shooting, breaching, tactical emergency casualty care, vessel boarding search and seizure, close quarter combat. Throughout his instructor career in Maritime Security Centre of Excellence accredited by NATO, not only he had also delivered lectures on counter-piracy but also, he became one of the founding members of MARSEC COE Mobile Training Team (MTT). Moreover, he had pursued his career at the NATO Advisory Group (KFOR) on topics as military leadership, tactical training program development and security management.

During his active duty in military, he successfully completed trainings in advanced tactical emergency casualty care/tactical combat casualty care, close quarter combat, advanced close quarter combat and intelligence by the NATO-accredited International Special Training Center (ISTC) in Germany, together with maritime security and free-fall parachute training. After having left the Turkish Armed Forces in 2019, he started to work at CANiK. His specialties include tactical shooting, strategic facility security management against asymmetric threats, counter terrorism and cross border military operations planning, program development, and military and tactical advising for media industry.


Guest Instructor- Medical Training Programmes

Joining the Turkish Naval Forces in 1986, Hakan ÇALIŞKAN had served for the TUR Navy Special Operations Force Unit (SAT) since 1988. In spotlighting his exceptional performance at Imia/Kardak Crisis in 1996, he had received Outstanding Achievement service ribbon. Throughout years in active duty, he worked as the Turkish Navy Special Forces commando, then became the instructor and the master chief instructor at the Turkish Navy Special Warfare Command (SAT) Training Center. Not only serving for the Turkish Navy Special Forces but also, he worked for the Turkish Special Operation Forces&Elite Units providing combat diving trainings. 

From 2010 to 2018, he was responsible for the security of commercial ships against pirates in the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, Far East, East and West Africa; in 2014 and 2015, he assisted in military and tactical advising and combat choreography and acted in Turkey's first wilderness survival-themed real-life documentary with KILAVUZ on TRT. In 2017, as the Founder and President of Büyük Ayı Search and Rescue Association, he participated in many missions under the coordination of AFAD and in 2022, he provided Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training to 250 people consisting of the military&law enforcement, firefighters, search and rescue unit personnel and volunteers in Kiev. 

In addition to his volunteer work as an active member in the Turkish Mountaineering Federation, he has taught Search and Rescue courses at Biruni University, Outdoor Sports at Eskişehir Technical University Faculty of Sports Sciences, and organized summer camps at Marmara University Faculty of Sports Sciences. His specialties include caving, canyoning, climbing, canoeing, wilderness survival, diving, search and rescue, military survival, tactical emergency /combat casualty care. 


Master Instructor, Armorer Program

After joining the Turkish Naval Forces in 1995, Murat Mahir BALCA had served on Knox class frigates, and he has specialized in Anti-Air Warfare (AAW), Anti-Surface Warfare (ASW) guided missiles and guns. In more than 25 years of his active duty, he had received trainings on hydro-pneumatic and electronic artillery weapon systems. Throughout his career, he took part in various NATO and UN missions and performed his active duties in Lebanon, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Spain and Cyprus. He was awarded the Operation Active Endeavour medal by NATO. Getting trained on medium caliber cannons and machine guns in USA, he had provided armorer trainings in the Turkish Navy Forces.

After having retired from the Turkish Navy, he started to work at CANiK. His specialties include light weapons, heavy machine guns, medium caliber cannons and remote-controlled weapon station systems.


Senior Instructor, Tactical Operator Program

Born in Eskişehir in 1992, Ufuk ERDOĞAN has joined Turkish Naval Forces in 2014 and he has completed Navy Special Operations trainings successfully and become Navy Special Forces since 2015. Throughout the years in his active duty, he has joined the special operations and DYNAMIC MONARCH-17 Military Exercises within the scope of NATO, UNIFIL, DDF NATO, non-combatant evacuation operation of Libya Maritime Border Protection and several national and international active military operations and received Outstanding Achievement, Distinguished Courage and Self-Sacrifice and several service ribbons. After having left the army, he has become the tactical firearms trainer at Canik Academy. His specialties include close quarter combat, tactical operator shooting, sniper and diving.


Shooting Sport Coach, Canik Team Athlete

Born in 1990 in Yalova, Alperen KIVILCIM started his shooting career in 2018. With the degrees received in static pistol tournaments, he introduced sport shooting with IDPA (International Defense Pistol Association) in 2020. Taking the extreme sports up for 16 years, KIVILCIM gained several championships in Turkish National Championship and Baltic Championship as a Canik Team athlete. In addition to IDPA, our instructor also holds in IPSC license (International Practical Shooting Confederation). His specialty includes dynamic shooting, athletic performance and cognitive load.


Shooting Sport Coach, Canik Team Athlete

Born in 1986 in Ankara, Canan TÜRKOĞLU started her shooting career with the degree in 2011, then she received in her first national degree in 2012 and gained her first international degree in 2016 in air pistol Olympic shooting competition.

After gaining her shooting scores and records in Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, and Crotia competitions, TÜRKOĞLU steps up her shooting career introducing with IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) in 2019 with the Bulgaria and Turkey Championships as a Canik Team athlete. In addition to shooting coach license approved by Turkish Shooting and Hunting Federation, she continues her professional career in olympic shooting as well. Her specialties include sport shooting, athleticism, fitness and taekwondo at professional level.


Firearms Instructor, Tactical Pistol Course

Professionally working as a firearms instructor since 2018, Taha Oğuzhan KAYMAK started to work at Canik Academy as a firearms instructor of tactical training programmes, subsidiary of SYS in 2021. Within tactical branch, he provides trainings for each level to both individual users and professionals. Volunteered in search and rescue team in Yeditepe University, he also worked as trainer and team leader. His competencies include armorer master, first-aid practitioner, lifeguard, skydiver, and paragliding.


Armorer Instructor

Once completed his bachelor’s degree in aviation management at University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, Yusuf Alper AKAR had been in USA throughout his university life. In 2023, He is getting trained by research and development department of Samsun Yurt Savunma, he has been working as armorer instructor at Canik Academy. Till now, he has provided Pistol Armorer and CANiK M2 QCB Machine Gun Armorer Courses to several countries including Bangladesh, South Africa, Singapore, Kosova, and Pakistan.

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